GOJEK is a superapp. It is many apps within an umbrella app that makes everyday life simpler to such an extent that its absence is unimaginable. GOJEK facilitates payments, commute, hyperlocal deliveries, massages, and two dozen other services. It is Indonesia is first unicorn and the fastest growing start-up in south-east Asia. GO-JEK has grown to become a leading on-demand mobile platform with 6600X order volume growth in 3 years.

GO-JEK Engineering is the product development and training centre of GO-JEK. The GO-JEK Engineering team comprises of developers, data scientists, designers and product managers who work on product innovation, mining data and crafting consumer experiences. 250 engineers at GOJEK make decisions that affect more than 261 million people.

One of GOJEK is engineering teams is located in Bangalore. In February of 2018, they began a herculean task of growing this top-notch tech team, by hiring 200 developers within the span of a year.

A Niche

Hiring for GOJEK is an exigent task as they were looking for a specific mindset in their new recruits. The question that was constantly on our minds during the discovery process was:

How do you convince opinionated, studied and solution-oriented techies to make the jump to GOJEK?

We started out by doing extensive secondary research. The top factors we identified, which affects an engineer's decision on a job change are:

  • The potential for professional growth
  • The required experience level
  • Tech Stack
  • Office Culture
  • Compensation & Benefits

It was critical that we present the ideal user with the essential information that would move them down the funnel. We had ready access to the entire GOJEK tech staff who were prime examples of the user profile they were looking to hire. We conducted a survey of this user set and mapped out the primary factors that influenced developers decision making in choosing a new employer.


The site was structured on the basis of:

The Scale of GOJEK: To communicate the intensity of intellectual challenges
The Tech Principles: To present the culture and engineering philosophy at GOJEK
The Tech Stack: To put across the cutting-edge technologies used and developed
Employee Stories: To communicate individual growth potential, culture and mindset
Value Propositions: To touch on the scale of compensation and benefits
The Social Impact: To create awareness of the impact of GOJEKís activities on the
Indonesian economy and in the everyday lives of ordinary citizens.











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Search wasn't highlighted & Location filters became critical to UX

In the first iteration, in order to hasten the launch of the site, we cut the features down to a bare minimum. Within a year, GOJEK was hiring for multiple locations across South-East Asia. The number of open positions shot up from 6 to over 90. Now, search & location filters were imperative.

Click through rates told a different story from our initial assumptions.

A video displayed below the fold in the careers page was getting no views whereas the employee snippets featured after 4 scrolls were read start to finish. With the site live, we had data from real life users that guided us in swiftly improving the user journey.

Through input from the marketing team at GOJEK and by tracking user data, we optimized the search section, removing all distractors and directing user focus to the primary tasks.

Flexible layouting to accomodate growing number of open

We made the open positions cards more intuitive by adding animations to show the on-hover and on-click response.

We switched the layout from a list to a grid to accomodate greated numbers and implemented an accordion style display to reduce the number of times the user would have to scroll.

This also enabled better visibility of departments and made specific positions easier to find.


With gojek.io, we sought to create a funnel that would channel every lead generated from our multitude of campaigns. The key to achieving this was in designing an intuitive UI along with a revamped user experience to go along with it. The result: applicants were directed to the appropriate page where they were fed just the right information required to engage them and furthermore, apply for the post of their choosing with just a few clicks.