How an MLM major went global
through its branding overhaul





Indus Viva is one of India’s most celebrated firms with a market capitalisation of over 250 crores. With an active presence throughout the country, the MLM major has a vociferous backing of over 200,000 distributors. Manufactured indigenously, all their products are backed by proven science and domain expertise. Passionate about their scientific research, consistent investment in R&D has proven to be a competitive edge.

The Brief

Looking to expand its wing and make its presence felt in the USA, Indus Viva approached us to overhaul their corporate and product branding. They wanted their branding to have a comprehensive storyline, which would transcend boundaries and enjoy universal appeal. Their biggest concern lay in the brand appealing to a broader cross-section of consumers. At the core, the branding needed to convey how strategic, nuanced and crafted the brand was.

creative brief development

We tackled the overall brief by pulling out key points and assigning it a design inference. While the brief stated two rebranding efforts, we did not necessarily view them so. The approach needed to have a parent thought, branching into functional undertones (products) - much like the hub and spoke model of communication. We unanimously agreed that the design aesthetic needed to be inclusive, contemporary and compelling. It needed a voice that is humble, democratic and popular.

True to the ethos and principles of MLM, we harnessed the meaning and possibilities of the word ‘community’ owing to the fact that the organization is only as good or as profitable as its distributors. A compelling fact in itself, it gave us the direction and foundation we needed to build on.

the concept

Our concept was hence titled ‘Victory with Indus Viva’. Once finalized, we deliberated and expanded over emotions commonly associated with victory - culminating towards our first sketch. Developing the same, we brainstormed over popular imagery associated with victory. And it’s here that we hit our sweet spot!


Indus Viva is an entrepreneurial marvel, aiming to improve the quality of life for each user. Conscious of what the brand stands for, our efforts sought to highlight the same, across product and brand assets. We were focussed on adding vigor and promise to the brand via this exercise, giving it the wheels to confidently travel the world.